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Charity Poker Events - Benefit from a Charity Poker Tournament

Poker tournaments are a fantastic method of charity fundraising.  Not only are they enjoyable for the participants, they also can garner more donations than typical charity fundraisers.  This is because during poker tournaments, the players can "re-buy" and "add on."  So if a player loses all their chips, they can pay another increment of donation (usually the same amount of the initial buy-in minus the entry fee) to get a new stack of chips, same in amount as the number they started with, so they can continue playing.  At the end of the "re-buy period" (typically the first hour of the tournament), players can also "add on" extra chips to give themselves a better chance of potentially winning.  This again costs another donation.  By the time the "re-buy period" is over, many organizations have often doubled the amount of donations they initially received from buy-ins.
Premium Poker Services has extensive experience in running poker tournament charity fundraisers.  From the beginning, we will work with you to ensure your event goes exactly as planned.  We have access to a special tournament computer that allows us to create a custom blind schedule that will allow your event to finish within the window of time that you desire.  All of our professional dealers are well-versed in the rules of poker and run a professional game for seasoned players while also helping along the beginners at the table.  And if you have a large number of beginners, Premium Poker Services will also provide a tutorial for them before the event begins.  From the professional equipment to the staff and everything in between, we will be sure that no detail is overlooked.  Contact us today to set up your next fundraiser!





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